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q-sms provides creating, storing and sending sorted messages by groups

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About q-sms

Do you need to send messages periodically with the same text and telephone number?

q-sms will help you!

For example, you use sms to check the balance on your account in the payment system, you use sms to transfer funds between accounts in bank, you'd like to know whether your dentist is available, you'd like to get the whole list of available appointment slots your doctor, or trivially ask your friend "How are you?".

q-sms makes it possible.

You just have to create message once, with text and phone number, save message and then you can use it in q-sms as much as you want. q-sms stores your predefined messages by groups, you can create groups as much as you want. You can create any quantity sms templates within a group. You can select a button color for each sms template. To send a message you have to select your predefined group and press the message would like to send.

That's all, the message will be sent :)

Localization: English, German, French, Spanish, Русский, Українська

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